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How To Use An Induction Hob

Portable Induction cooktop

Also known as induction cooktop or stove, the induction hob is an efficient cooking vessel where heat settings can be changed instantly to increase temperature rapidly. Instead of relying on thermal conduction, convection or radiation, here cooking is done by using high power and it takes only minutes. Alternating current passing through the coil of copper wire beneath the hob surface creates an oscillation of magnetic energy that induces electrical current wirelessly and helps in resistive heating. 

The 16 ampere induction hob from CIARRA follows the same technique to give you the best induction cooking experience with convenient options like touch control and timer function. As much as technically complex it sounds, actually, using the table cooktop is rather easy. 

Portable Induction cooktop

All you need to do is switch on the unit, place the cookware or pan (compatible with induction) on the hob ring and find the power button on the appliance. Switch it on and choose the functions or use the + and – sensors for adjusting the heat. Once cooking is done, you should press the power button on the hob again and switch off the unit. 

While using the induction hobs, you should follow a few basic rules to avoid any hazard. 

  • Once you have turned on the switch on the hob, do not keep it unattended. 
  • If the appliance is not in use, you should set its cooking zone to “off” or zero mark. 
  • Using it as storage surface or for other works apart from cooking is a strict no-no.
  • Make sure there is no flammable material or liquid kept on or near the hob. 
  • Avoid spilling any corrosive chemical and conductive material or liquid on the hob surface, especially just above the coils.
  • The electrical connection is stable and safe from short circuits and other electrical issues.
  • Always check the product description or below the surface of the cookware to see whether it is compatible with induction hob. Incompatible materials can cause damage to the hob, container and even serious accidents
  • The cookware that you would be placing on the hob should be stable enough not to tip over and cause any accident. 
  • Avoid scraping the surface of the hob with rough or corrosive material
Portable Induction cooktop

Basic Features To Use In Induction Hob Of CIARRA 

As a leading brand in the induction cooktop market, CIARRA has made a distinct mark with its nine power levels starting from 300 watts up to 2000 watts and eight temperature settings ranging between 60-degree Centigrade and 240-degree Centigrade. While using it, you should consider the following features –

  • Proper Cookware

The induction hob is compatible with bowls and pots with dimensions of 12 to 28cm and not above that. With its in-built EMC, you can be assured of the seamless performance without interference.  

  • Carry Around The Kitchen 

Being portable with 365mm length, 290mm width and 45mm height, the CIARRA induction hob comes with a slim design and ceramic glass surface that looks glossy. It is compact-sized and therefore, you can easily stow it on the kitchen cabinet or keep in a locker when not in use.  

Portable Induction cooktop
  • Control With Sensor 

Independently controlled by 2 systems, the CIARRA induction hob features a sensitive and light touch panel. According to the type of item you are cooking, adjust the temperature up to 240-degree in two heating plates. Avoid wasting energy by setting a digital timer of three hours maximum that closes the plate immediately after your cooking process is successfully complete.   

  • Use Smart Cooking 

With automating turning off heating after thirty seconds of lifting the cookware, energy efficiency is guaranteed. Turn on the children’s lock to keep it safe for little ones in your house. Just remember that your cooking process will be interrupted once you remove the cookware from plate.  

Using this multifunctional portable induction cooktop is very easy with acoustic switch on and off mechanism. It has stop lock for preventing wrong operation and the touch control works efficiently with timer range between 0 and 99 minutes.

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