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Ready, Set, Cook! Use CIARRA Built-in Induction Hob to Simplify Holiday Meal Prep

built in induction hob

No matter how effortlessly you can manage preparing every meal for your family on a daily basis, on holidays, there will always be something special to cook. None likes to settle for the monotonous breakfast, lunch, dinner and every quick bite in between that you have daily. Therefore, on off-days, you feel more pressurized under cooking delicacies and feel the need of a built-in induction hob that is easy to carry around the kitchen and makes your job quick. With user-friendly touch panel and high power output, you can make almost everything with the induction hobs from CIARRA. What is even better, each hob from CIARRA supports bowls, pots and containers of all various sizes to help you prepare the right amount of food at one go.  

built in induction hob

What Makes CIARRA Hobs So Simple To Use

According to your budget, requirement and cooking frequency, there are eight induction hobs costing a low as below USD 50 up to more than USD 300. Needless to say, each of these kitchen appliances has something unique to offer. Let’s have a look –

built in induction hob
  • Portability

The frameless design with superior glass surface not only makes these hobs sturdy but also prevents any risk of scratches and damage. Being slim and compact sized, you can easily fit these anywhere in your kitchen counter or store in the racks or locker when not in use. If you are spending your holiday outdoors, these can be great options for community use and camping.

  • Single And Multiple Cooking Area

As mentioned above, according to the number of members you need to prepare meals for, there are options to choose the hobs with single cooking area that can hold an induction cooker or other containers with diameter of 12-28cm. However, if you need convenience in cooking more meals simultaneously, there are double hotplates or two cooking zones and three zones (two standard zones and one large or three standard sized zones) and four cooking zones.      

  • Sensor Touch Panel

The CIARRA kitchen appliance comes with touch control panel that is easy to operate and will let you adjust the temperature from 60-degree to 240-degree Celsius. You can even set an auto-timer for up to 3 hours so that once cooking is complete, the hob is turned off automatically. The hobs with more than two cooking zones come with nine precise power control switches which you can select according to the cooking process i.e. boiling, simmering, stir frying and so on.

  • Slider Control

Available in selected induction hob models, there is slider touch control that helps you choose your required temperature level effortlessly by sliding sideways. With the slider regulation, you get the unique Boost function so that the burner reaches maximum temperature level instantly and saves your time in choosing temperature levels.    

  • Keeping Warm

Snacks and other meals prepared on holidays are often consumed later and instead of preserving them in freezer and marring the taste, you can easily choose the function to keep warm. This will save your time used otherwise for heating up frozen food and retain the freshness and taste. This is one of the best features used in CIARRA cooking appliances where temperature is kept in control so that the food never gets burnt.  

built in induction hob
  • Security While Using

Holidays mean having kids around the house and there is risk of those little hands touching a hot burner. With the child lock feature on these hobs, your little ones can never switch on the heat accidentally. Besides, the residual heat indicator will alert you when the hob surface is hot even after switching off the controls so that you do not mistakenly touch it.

Apart from these, the hobs stop heating automatically after a minute of lifting the cookware. These are also convenient to clean as the glass surface is made of environmentally protected material.   

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