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Cooker Hood: Choosing the right exhaust system for your kitchen

Cooker Hood: Choosing the right exhaust system for your kitchen - CIARRA

A great exhaust system is a sheer relief; it helps to keep the air of the whole house light and breezy because it saves it from invading by heavy and dense smoky air that makes your whole house smell bad. Sharp factional of combustible material, the fumes, and strong smoke doesn’t do well to anybody especially kids and it can get too embarrassing if some guests are visiting. You won’t wish to put them off at any cost of course!

Therefore, you need to think hard about what could you do to keep the smell away? There has to be a proper filtration system in-built which mindfully works and wisely disposes of the grease. Hence, it is a fact that only supreme quality chimneys or kitchen cooker hood can do justice to this drawback of cooking. Therefore, to enjoy unhampered cooking time, clean and playful time in the kitchen, choosing the right range is necessary.

Considering the speed of the absorption

The foremost factor, in buying a fruit-bearing exhaust system is to know with which speed the motor can suck the greasy air when the food is being cooked. The more is the speed, the better will be the performance of the chimney. Well, in the case of CIARRA, the number is splendid, for the wall-mounted exhaust system and the island chimneys the speed is 550 m3/h, and for the under-cabinet one, it is 300m3. All the kitchen appliances here have a built-in noise-control principle that has been topping the charts for its advancement.

Wall-mounted chimney over the cooktop

The right exhaust system which will be in this category should make sure that it comes right above the cooktop and should be wide enough to cover the whole cooktop. This way only it will be able to fetch all the unwanted fumes and filter off all the grease through the duct. Wall mounted hoods are either designed as straight ones or are a bit tilted to add that elegance in the kitchen’s look.

Integrated Chimney for Compact kitchen

The significance of this design is especially to let them fit gracefully as low key as possible because the kitchen space is less. These exhausts are the most efficient kitchen appliances that work best where there are no bends or stretches in the outlet pipe that carries the grease and smoke outside. Since the space for the wider duct is not possible one has to make sure the installation is wiser to let it work as it is required to work.

Island kitchens with proper exhaust systems

Island kitchens make the best place in the house because of the wonderful looks and the kind of peaceful place it becomes for the people in the house who like to cook a lot. An island kitchen would mean modish appeal about the house and so is CIARRA’s Island cooker hood range. The cube is suspended with an adjustable 2m rope and it hands directly above the cooktop thus sucking all the greasy air in it, without letting any of it escape from the sides. The speed of island kitchen hood system can be controlled from a good distance with the help of the remote control as well. 

Therefore, choosing the right exhaust system is a real task, and a brand like CIARRA will only ease things for you. You will be thoroughly sorted and will know that you have invested in an asset that is going to stay with you for the longest time.

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