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Kitchen Renovation: What to Consider When Adding Range Hood

Kitchen Renovation: What to Consider When Adding Range Hood

Have you finally decided to invest on a kitchen hood and permanently get rid of the stubborn grease and smoke emanating while cooking? Well, congratulations on relying on to the cooker hood from CIARRA as there are hoods of all sizes suitable for all types of kitchen setups. Choosing the kitchen hood from an array of choices can be difficult, especially when you have to consider other factors of remodeling that will require your hard-earned money and considerations about local building code.

Cooking hoods are not at all mandatory for kitchens if you are able to engage in daily cleanup after cooking and regular maintenance of the overall kitchen space including walls and ceiling. If you haven’t considered kitchen appliances like range hoods to suction that oily stain away, clean up will be an overdue.

 Types Of Range Hoods

There are four types of hoods to help you choose according to your need –

  • Wall Mount Hood

One of the commonest appliances used in households and restaurant kitchens, the wall mounted hoods come with telescopic shaft that has adjustable height to comply with the ceiling height of the kitchen from the kitchen countertop. These stand out for the exhaust air system that suctions out the fume and grease outside.   

  • Integrated Hood

Integrated kitchen range hood is generally placed below the kitchen cabinet so that it faces the kitchen countertop beneath it and can be one of the most space-efficient options. These have integrated LED lights beside the grease filter(s).


  • Island Hood

As the name suggests, the island hood is suitable for small kitchen islands and is suspended from the ceiling with a base and metal rods. UV lighting technology helps these eco-friendly hoods neutralize and remove odors and fat molecules through photolysis.  

  • Remote Control Hood

The remote control hoods are also suspended from ceiling like island hoods and are great choices for tech savvy people out there as these have remote control feature to adjust powers, as well as app and Wi-Fi compatibility for intelligent control.  

Placement Of Range Hoods

Before short-listing the best appliances of 2021, you need to choose where you can place the hoods. For example, if you do your culinary work in a centralized island, going for the island hood can be a good option as it is fixed from the roof. Wall mounted hoods are suitable if you do not have wall affixed cabinets and sufficient space on the wall to accommodate the shaft with the hood. Those with small or moderate-sized kitchen that has cabinets above the countertop will find that the under-cabinet integrated kitchen hoods are most suitable and compact.  

Size Of Range Hoods

Choosing the best CIARRA kitchen appliance becomes easier if you have considered the space available to accommodate the hood. The wall-mounted hoods are available in 60cm and 90cm variants –while the 60cm variant is suitable for decent-sized kitchen, the 90cm variant is for large kitchens with more frequency of cooking. Integrated hoods available in 52cm and 60cm variants can help in small to moderate-sized kitchens with low to regular cooking. The island and remote-control hoods in 40cm and 48cm are for occasional cooking or little culinary jobs on regular basis.   

Operating Range Hoods

Operation of cooking appliances should be considered according to the convenience of the person using the kitchen. For example, someone with general technical knowledge can operate the remote controlled island cooker hoods and more technically advanced people will find using the Wi-Fi compatible app-controlled island hoods quite useful for simple culinary jobs. All the integrated hoods and most of the wall-mounted hoods have push-button operation for convenience of all people. However, if you are not comfy with buttons, the wall-mounted angled hoods with soft-touch functions can be more suitable.  

Although not obvious to the eyes, the oil particles and fume from even steamy soup, sautéed vegetables and roasted chicken will disperse in the air during and after preparation. To circulate the hot air within the kitchen and keep out the fumes, vapor and grease, the kitchen hoods from CIARRA can help you out.

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