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Creative Ways to Disguise a Cooker Hood Vent

Creative Ways to Disguise a Cooker Hood Vent - CIARRA


Vent hood cooking range is a basic necessity of every house with a functional kitchen. If you are a family who loves to eat king size, then it's obvious that the space that you savor the most is your kitchen. The kitchen vent these days come more compact and well-designed than ever before, but it is still plain looking and inherently not compatible with every type of interior décor of the kitchen. If you are designing your kitchen 'from-the-scratch' or doing just an annual upgrade, it will always be a scintillating idea to give your canopy hood extractor a trendy statement so that the look of the kitchen is altered.

Let’s throw some light on various types of design available across the globe, where CIARRA picked the best of the designs which can give you an idea of how you can experiment with various cooker hood designs in your kitchen space:


 1. Adding a balanced hue of a corbel to bring out a delightful cover                                              

This idea beautifully carves out the whole concept of contrast and combination that makes a perfect interior of the kitchen. Get ready to light-up beautiful with this sky blue-colored corbel. This design will let the onlookers know that it has the cooker hoods inside, but this type of styling is giving this kitchen a very settled aura about it. Imagine the kitchen without this hood cover! Therefore, adding this piece to the kitchen makes the whole design very delightful, yet having an undertone at the same time.

2. An embellished covering for a fun look of the kitchen

 It will be a great idea to add a fun element to the wide kitchen space. You can casually get a wooden box customized for your cooker hood and then might put some fancy little pieces on it to draw attention towards the beauty of your kitchen. The first guess that the spectators would make that you have mounted a designer corbel on your wall, and only later they would know it is a designer cooker hood cover. The cover will act as an intelligent concealer where no one would have an idea about the cooker hood inside it at the first go.


3. A cool décor for under-cabinet cooker hood                              

This décor has amazingly balanced the interior of the kitchen with the addition of the white color, giving the kitchen a very soothing theme of its own. The golden outlining hue of the chimney makes the space look even more charming and looks multiple times graceful with the brown color addition. The idea is to color this cooker hood lower chimney using spray paint on the hood, and a decorative that’s handing on it further attracts the gaze towards it, thus balances the look of the place. 

4. Tiled pattern to hide the duct 

It is a cool idea to hide the chimney top and the following duct with tiles that not just bring simplicity, class, and a sprinkle of traditional look but make the whole kitchen very convenient to clean and use. This pattern successfully blends in the angular style of the cooker hood range and gracefully matches the tone of the surrounding cabinet. Avoiding contrasting shades can be the key to the success of this design.

So, the above-illustrated designs can be those special options to choose from to embellish your cooker hood range area. These creative designs will certainly disguise your cooker hood vent. 

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